Turkesterone: What Is It? Muscle-Building Supplement Benefits & Side Effects

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A pill that cuts down on fatigue and boosts exercise recovery time is likely to appeal to someone who works out regularly, enjoys strength training, or perhaps competes in athletics. Turkesterone, a natural steroid molecule associated to increased strength, fat burning, muscle development, and energy, is one such product that is gaining appeal among elite bodybuilders and athletes.

Exactly What Is Turkesterone?

What exactly is the chemical composition of turkesterone? Turkesterone is an extract of an ecdysteroid (also known as a phytoecdysteroid) found in nature in certain insects and plants.

Because of their anabolic and adaptogenic actions, ecdysteroids are extracted and incorporated into supplements used for things like fostering muscle growth and enhancing athletic performance.

It would be helpful to know which foods contain Turkesterone. Turkesterone is not naturally abundant in any diet. Some ecdysteroids are found in foods such spinach, quinoa, and yams.

Instead, it is found in nature, in plants that are related to thistles and are native to Central Asia, specifically Siberia, Asia, Bulgaria, and Kazakhstan. Common sources include the plants known as leuzea or maral root, as well as Ajuga turkestanica.

Studies suggest that turkesterone may be slightly more powerful than some other varieties of ecdysteroid supplements, such as ecdysterone, especially in terms of its anabolic (muscle-building) properties. Some people opt to take ecdysterone instead because it is less expensive.

Is Turkesterone considered a steroid?

Ecdysteroids, which exist naturally, are steroids that share the same chemical structure as androgens like testosterone, sometimes known as the "male reproductive hormone" (although women produce some testosterone too). This suggests they may stimulate muscle growth in a manner similar to that of testosterone.

Supplemental Turkesterone has been linked in some research to supporting normal testosterone levels in men. Because it does not bind to the same androgen receptors as synthetic/anabolic steroids or testosterone, taking a turkesterone pill is not the same thing.

In contrast to certain other hormone drugs, turkesterone is not regarded an artificial hormone and is not utilised for hormone replacement therapy.

What are the benefits?

How effective is turkesterone for increasing strength and lean body mass? Here are some of the potential benefits, according to studies:

That It Might Assist Muscle Gains

There is some research that turkesterone can assist and improve body composition by promoting muscle growth and a higher muscle-to-fat ratio. Some animal research suggests it may also help reduce weight gain and speed up the metabolism.

Muscle synthesis is aided in various ways, including increased uptake of the amino acid leucine by muscle cells, and decreased lipid absorption. It may also alter glucose metabolism and combat insulin resistance.

Second, it has the potential to improve physical activity results.

It has been shown that ecdysteroids can boost ATP synthesis, which in turn helps drive muscles, improve endurance, and decrease sensations of exhaustion. This can lead to more strenuous exercise, which in turn increases strength and endurance.

Anecdotal data from people who have used edystreoids suggests that they assist users increase their strength and recover more quickly after strenuous activities.

Helps with Muscle and Exercise Recovery

Glycogen levels in muscles can be boosted by turkesterone, which has been shown to aid in the removal of lactic acid and the repair of exercise-induced muscle damage. Muscle development is aided by a positive nitrogen balance, that might be supported by this supplement.

Has Stress-Busting Adaptogenic Effects

In the same category as ashwagandha and rhodiola, turkesterone is classified as an adaptogen. To put it another way, it aids in stress management and tiredness prevention, both of which are beneficial to mental health.

Some people report that it helps them sleep better and gets rid of depressive symptoms including anxiety, brain fog, burnout, and a lack of drive.

Mechanisms of action include, but are not limited to, promoting a healthy "gut-brain link" and aiding in neurotransmitter generation.

Since the immune system weakens when a person is under a lot of stress and exhaustion, it may also aid in the battle against inflammation, the promotion of antioxidant status, and the enhancement of digestion and immune function. In addition, there is some evidence that it promotes liver and heart health by decreasing cholesterol and blood sugar levels, a phenomenon known as hepatoprotective and cardioprotective effects.

Dangers and Adverse Reactions

As they do not bind to androgen receptors, which can lead to negative effects, ecdysteroids like Turkesterone are generally considered safer than anabolic steroids. As a result, they are not likely to bring about any significant steroidal adverse effects, such as shifts in hunger, mood, sex drive, hair growth, skin health, or sleep.

However, it is important to be aware of the potential adverse effects of Turkesterone, which include nausea, upset stomach, lightheadedness, and other digestive disorders. Take it with food to lessen the risk of stomach upset, and stick to the prescribed dosage to keep the unwanted effects at bay.

Is the use of ecdysteroids like turkesterone legal?

It is true that you may buy this stuff everywhere, both in stores and online. Many athletes and bodybuilders take it legitimately because it cannot be detected in a doping test.

Unlike anabolic/artificial steroids, ecdysteroids are not officially banned in the United States. However, several ecdysteroids are on the "Monitoring Program List" published by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2021. In order to decide whether or not these substances should be banned in the future, WADA plans to collect additional information about them.

Instructions for Use/Recommended Dosage

Take 500 mg of a Turkesterone supplement every day, preferably in two divided doses. This dosage should be taken continuously for the first eight to twelve weeks (about three months), then discontinued.

Unlike other steroid medicines, turkesterone is not expected to lead to dependency, therefore it can be used intermittently for extended periods of time. When compared to anabolic steroids, this one has the distinct advantage of not necessitating post-cycle therapy, which is typically utilised to restore natural hormone levels.

Inspect the yield level of the active ingredient when acquiring Turkesterone supplements (or ajuga turkestanica extract). By doing so, you may rest assured that the supplement you use is both effective and safe.

Try to locate capsules or extracts that contain roughly 95% turkesterone. Although turkesterone is now a costly supplement to create and buy, manufacturers anticipate that this will change in the years ahead thanks to developments in technology.


Turkesterone is a kind of phytoecdysteroid that is generated from various thistle plants that are endemic to Central Asia.

Gains in muscle mass, strength, power, and even recuperation time from workouts have been attributed in part to the addition of the anabolic steroid turkesterone.

It may also help with things like energy levels, sleep quality, and overall mood.

Taking turkesterone on an empty stomach may cause nausea, but other than that, adverse effects are minimal and uncommon. Generally, 500 milligrammes (mg) daily is advised, split into two 250-mg doses to be taken at mealtimes.