DHEA 99% (20 grams powder)

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 DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone and either exerts benefits on its own or can convert into both testosterone or estrogen depending on the body's need. DHEA supplementation may be potent for reducing the effects of ageing.

Supplementation of DHEA appears to be effective in persons over 40 in the dosage range of 25-50mg, while prolonged usage of 100mg appears to be safe in this demographic. While the usage of DHEA in young persons for the purpose of testosterone enhancement is not clear, it tends to be used at 200mg for this purpose

DHEA may not be an approved substance for several sports leagues and organizations, and is currently on the WADA prohibited substances list; please check with an authoritative body of your organization before using DHEA supplementation

Prior to taking any supplement, it is recommended that you consult your physician and also do your own research

Ingredients: 20 Grams - DHEA 99% raw powder. 

The number of doses per packet varies based on dosage: 

At 50mg = 400 doses

At 100mg = 200 doses

At 200mg = 100 doses 

Everything you need to know about DHEA 

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