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Active Ingredients:

Each 500mg tablet is the Standardised equivalent of:

200mg of Turkesterone (10:1 extract, equivalent to 2000mg)

200mg of Ashwagandha (10:1 extract, equivalent to 2000mg)  

Black Pepper extract 95% (piper nigrum) 2.5mg.

Inactive Ingredients:

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dextrin

Turkesterone Australia

Turkesterone is a new health and fitness product that, as of late 2021, has taken the bodybuilding business by storm. This natural supplement, known as an ecdysteroid (ECDY), has a strong anabolic effect on the body's muscles.

Users believe that the benefits of this supplement are highly potent. They believe that just one cycle can rival SARMs, or anabolic steroids, in terms of muscle building and fat loss.

But are these assertions just hype, or do they have scientific backing? In this post, we'll look at the science to determine if the claims made by fitness celebrities hold up to scrutiny.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid (ECDY), which are steroid hormone present in arthropods and insects but also in some plant species. These are referred to as phytoecdysteroids. These families of chemicals are employed to discourage predators in plants, while they aid to regulate crucial processes in insects such as moulting and metamorphosis or insect growth. Limited research has been conducted, although there has been interest in ecdysteroids, particularly 20-Hydroxyecdysone, as having several potential anabolic and positive effects, including influencing metabolism and growth.

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What Is the Source of Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is present in a wide range of moulting insects and animals, including crabs. It was obtained from the Ajuga plant, which is also known as Bugleweed, Ground Pine, or Carpet Bugle. However, it is present in and can be extracted from a wide range of different plants, including Leuzea Carthamoides, Rhaponticum, Stemmacantha Uniflora, Vitex Fisherii, and the African Cyanotis Vaga plant.

Muscle Growth Benefits

As previously stated, few investigations have been undertaken because the majority of the studies have looked at a different ecdysteroid. What little research on Turkesterone has revealed is that it may assist boost lipid and glucose metabolism, protein synthesis, muscle growth, and strength. Human and animal studies have been undertaken to back this up. While the results were not significant in early research when compared to synthetic compounds, in bodybuilding, as in animal nutrition, every little bit counts.

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Here are some of benefits:

Muscle Mass Increase (which benefits your workouts)

Muscle breakdown is prevented by accelerated fat loss.

Increased Endurance during workouts.

Requires No PCT Increased Muscle Mass

Fat loss

One of Turkesterone's most well-known effects is increased muscle mass. This supplement accomplishes this by increasing leucine intake in the muscles and optimizing the mRNA translation process. Muscle protein synthesis as a result contributes to an increase in muscle mass.

Muscle breakdown is prevented, which aids in workout recovery.

Losing muscle mass is one of the most vexing side effects of going on a diet. When your body is in a caloric deficit, it typically turns to burning muscle as well as fat to meet its caloric needs.

Thankfully, a health supplement called Turkesterone reduces this effect. It is considerably simpler to keep muscle mass during a cut while still burning fat by improving nitrogen retention in the muscles (similar to anabolic drugs).

Reduces Exercise Fatigue during workout

Turkesterone, like creatine, promotes ATP synthesis in the body.

ATP, also known as adenosine-triphosphate, is a chemical that our bodies use to store and transport energy between cells, making it vital for explosive power and endurance.

One of the most important benefits is its capacity to help athletes improve endurance, which will improve every workout you undertake. It will improve your endurance and strength by enhancing ATP production.

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Benefits for bodybuilding

If Turkesterone has beneficial effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, it could be a very effective supplement for weight management and fat loss. In terms of your generic ecdysteroid, it appears that the growth-promoting benefits were due to improved nitrogen retention, which resulted in a better protein metabolism profile with less protein catabolism and higher anabolism. However, these findings have yet to be transferred into human investigations. 

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Weight Loss

Can turkesterone help with weight loss and fat burning? Recently published data of a rodent trial looking at combining phytoanabolic extracts from plants like Ajuga turkestanica with exercise. The information shows that the ecdysteroids affected muscle mass, adiposity, strength, fatigue, and lipid profile. That sheds light on potential in fat loss management.

Another review conducted an updated review on 212 phytoecdysteroids, and looked at several health parameters, including its fat burning effect and sugar control, which play a role in fat reduction. It notes a potential role for these compounds further research is required.

Turkesterone Negatives & Side Effects

Turkesterone appears to have no major negative effects, and there are few, if any, documented toxicological studies. Anecdotal evidence suggests that doses of up to 1000mg per day, and perhaps up to 2000mg per day, are safe in humans. However, another prevalent ecdysteroid, ecdysterone, has a recommended fatal dose in mice of 6.4g-9g/kg body weight depending on administration mode. The problem with ecdysteroids is that they are very easily metabolized in the body, therefore a substantial dosage is assumed to be required to provide the benefits listed above. Interestingly, in animals, tiny doses of roughly 0.02 ug/kg bodyweight have been proven to be helpful. As a result, additional research and time may be required to determine Turkesterone's safety.

Recommended Doses & Timing

There is limited scientific agreement on dosage, and there are no recommendations regarding ingredient timing. It is best to be cautious with your dosages and keep them under 10mg/kg of body weight per day. In fact, one study that employed ecdysterones on resistance-trained males merely used a 30mg pill taken once a day in the morning. Some producers prescribe 500mg to 1000mg every day prior to a workout.

Turkesterone was a relatively unknown new substance used in supplements till 2020. In past years, it was included as a component in a few muscle building testosterone boosting supplement formulations. Those hunting for this supplement may have come upon it classified as ecdysterone or ECDY.

This situation changed in early 2021 when social media-driven information brought Turkesterone to the public's attention. During this time, access to this component was difficult due to demand exceeding supply. Gorilla Mind Turkesterone in the United States, German Pharma in Europe, and FCN'S very own in Australia are some of the more significant brand owners, early adopters, and manufacturers.

The Best Turkesterone Supplement

Let's be honest, everyone. Competing supplement brands will convince you that theirs is the best. Understanding which pill to choose might be complex and a bit of a lottery for the uninitiated. Here are some general guidelines to help.

Select a brand with which you are familiar. Ideally, one that has a track record of success with the other supplements they produce. The more experience they have, the better. Trust is essential.

The active ingredient is what matters, thus whether your Turkerestone is derived from Ajuga Turkestanica, Stemmacantha, Leuzea Carthamoides, or Cyanotis Vaga. Insects or arthropods The Turkesterone is all that matters (the active ingredient).

As a result, don't get too caught up in worrying about the original source or which plant is best.
Look for the phrase "Extract 10%." This is the most potent authentic version on the market. If you notice marketing around 20:1, please be aware that this is a much weaker version that you should avoid.

A 500mg dose of the aforementioned extract is recommended. Smaller mg capsule sizes may appear to be a good deal, but they actually make the medication more expensive each 500mg serve; keep this in mind. It is also preferable to avoid powdered versions to ensure correct dosing.

Quality in the pharmaceutical sector Turkesterone is accessible, however it is not required because it is the same as a 10% Turkesterone extract, simply with additional testing. Due to the high cost of production, this version is not financially viable and has not been advertised at the time of writing.

Avoid proprietary mixtures, which are available on the market. The reality is that you don't know how much Turkesterone you're getting until you can see how much of each ingredient is included.

Look for a product that is made in a 3rd party quality approved facility.
Look for a Turkesterone that has been HPLC tested.

Is it legal or prohibited in Australia?

You are allowed to import, promote, and sell in Australia at the time of writing. Some people believe that because of its scarcity, it must be unlawful. Imports for other people have also stopped, bolstering this speculation. The reality is that Australian import licenses and/or documents are necessary, which can be a challenging process for the individual. As a result, it is largely imported by supplement brand owners or their chosen contractors.


Ashwagandha, one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing, has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of conditions and is most well-known for its believed restorative benefits. In Sanskrit Ashwagandha means “the smell of a horse,” indicating that the herb imparts the vigor and strength of a stallion. Ashwagandha is frequently referred to as “Indian ginseng” because of its rejuvenating properties, even though botanically, ginseng and Ashwagandha are unrelated Belonging to the same family as the tomato, Ashwagandha is a plump shrub with oval leaves and yellow flowers. It bears a red fruit about the size of a raisin. The herb is native to the dry regions of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East, and today is also grown in more mild climates, including the United States.

Can We Use Ashwagandha for fat loss?

Yes, Ashwagandha extracts can help you lose weight. Ashwagandha is high in antioxidants, which aid in the fat loss process. Ashwagandha also strengthens your immune system and directs your energy toward the fat-burning/weight-loss process.


Ashwagandha improves the body's immunity, which aids in fat loss.

The rate of infection correlates with body immunity. But how does your body's immunity affect your fat loss efforts? If you have a weakened immune system, your body expends a large amount of energy fighting illnesses. There isn't much energy left to speed up the fat-burning process.

This is when Ashwagandha comes into play. Ashwagandha boosts your body's immunity and aids in fat loss by redirecting your body's energy.


Muscle building with Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen derived from the roots of the ashwagandha plant that is commonly used to promote hormonal balance and overall well-being. It can be used to treat everything from weariness to pain alleviation to increasing sex hormones in men.

Ashwagandha is a popular supplement for muscle building and stress reduction. It has been shown to increase muscle strength and decrease fat levels when used consistently.

The main benefits of ashwagandha for muscle building are the effects it has on hormones. Ashwagandha has been reported to boost thyroid hormone, luteinizing hormone, decrease cortisol, and boost testosterone. All of these hormonal responses are helpful to muscle building and result in increased gains, increased strength when lifting, and improved recovery.

The effect of ashwagandha on testosterone and cortisol is widely studied, which is why it is one of the greatest adaptogens to use for muscle gain.


Ashwagandha has also been proven to stimulate the release of testosterone. 

It accomplishes this by encouraging the thyroid to produce more hormones. Ashwagandha is unique in that it can directly stimulate the thyroid gland to generate hormones, bypassing the normal biological process. Ashwagandha has been proven to have unique components that are not found in any other naturally occurring herb, which may contribute to its unusual effects when consumed.

This study discovered that after 8 weeks, salivary testosterone levels in men who took ashwagandha increased by 15% while DHEA levels climbed by a top of 18%. DHEA is a hormone that is necessary for the production of other hormones such as testosterone.

Studies have also supported the outcomes in terms of muscle. This study discovered that those who took ashwagandha for 30 days had increased muscle strength and a reduction in total fat. This study also discovered a significant boost in strength and testosterone, as well as a reduction in body fat.

To summarize, ashwagandha has been shown to boost testosterone, lower cortisol, raise DHEA, improve physical strength, reduce stress, and increase muscle mass.


How Ashwagandha Can Help Your Workout

Ashwagandha can take your workout to new heights by increasing the efficiency with which your muscles function, their oxygenation, increasing muscle size, decreasing the time it takes for muscles to recover, and increasing red blood cell formation. Few athletes are likely to realize how beneficial this simple herb can be to their exercises, but now you'll know how to explain how ashwagandha can aid your workout! Ashwagandha is  also becoming a popular pre workout ingredient. 

Black Pepper / Piper nigrum

Piper Nigrum or black pepper is commonly combined with Turmeric or other molecules as research has suggested that it may increase absorption and bioavailability

If you are unsure we suggest consulting a licensed medical professional for expert advice.  


Why Choose FCN?

Guaranteed quality ingredients sourced from only verified suppliers and manufacturers. We have been producing and selling health supplements for over a decade in Australia to 10,000s of happy customers, so you can always be sure you are getting what you have paid for. 

Why Tablets and not capsules? 

Producing tablets around the world and in Australia, in particular, is an extremely difficult task, which is why 99% of sellers/companies only offer capsules. 

Keep in mind that producing tablets requires a professionally equipped manufacturing process, while capsules can be made by hand in someones home. 

So it is always important to verify how the product is being manufactured, where, and to what standards.   
If you are not sure, then ask. Ingesting a product that has been made in someone kitchen or living room is not safe.


TGA Disclaimer

FCN makes no therapeutic use claims. Therapeutic is defined by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as:


  • 1. preventing, diagnosing, curing or alleviating a disease, ailment, defect or injury in persons or animals; or
  • 2. influencing, inhibiting or modifying a physiological process in persons or animals; or
  • 3. testing the susceptibility of persons or animals to a disease or ailment; or
  • 4. influencing, controlling or preventing conception in persons; or
  • 5. testing for pregnancy in persons; or
  • 6. the replacement or modification of parts of the anatomy in persons or animals.


    FCN does not accept any responsibility for losses, damages, costs, injuries and/or other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from use of products, information or other material available from this seller.


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    Affordable vs effective/pure

    These guys are pretty good. The affordability is where its at. however, without third party testing, you really don't know what your getting and whether it is effective. Thats the price you actually pay, and I've been with these guys for several years. Here's to hoping the product gets better. Keep up the work guys.

    David D
    Best place to buy Turkesterone in Australia

    I have been looking for ages for a good Turkesterone in Australia but couldn't find anything. I didn't want the hassle of buying from US if I didn't like it or needed to return it,

    Definitely happy with this Turk I feel more energy in my workouts for sure

    Great stuff!

    Been taking these for a couple of weeks now, and have noticed a big difference. Less recovery time after workouts, and our body feels 'switched on'

    Martin Alchin
    Great product

    Recently received the supplement from fcn. After taking for 2 weeks have noticed an increase in stamina while working out and strength