Beetroot Tablets 4000mg x 240 Tablets | Beta Vulgaris | Nitric Oxide Pump Beets

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All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly - NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS USED

  • Rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Folic Acid
  • High levels of nitrates and potassium
  • Optimal levels of magnesium
  • Organic source
  • Easy to swallow

  • Beetroot is a dark red root vegetable that has been cultivated for culinary purposes for a long time. It is a rich source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and folic acid as well as nitrates, potassium and magnesium

    Beetroot is a dark red root vegetable that has been used traditionally for culinary purposes for many years. It can be found on the coastal lines between India and Great Britain and stems from the original sea beet. Sources show that it was cultivated in the Mediterranean regions originally and from there it formed a stable part of a healthy diet

    The tablets are made up of dosages of 4000mg, First Choice Nutrition's Beetroot is extracted from the seeds of Beta Vulgaris which provides the highest possible quality product.

    Our Beetroot is extracted using a 10:1 extraction method, meaning that each 500mg tablet contains a standerdised approximate dosage is 4500 - 4600mg per tablet.


    Why Choose FCN?

    Guaranteed quality ingredients sourced from only verified suppliers and manufacturers. We have been producing and selling health supplements for over a decade in Australia to 10,000s of happy customers, so you can always be sure  you are getting what you have paid for. 

    Why Tablets and not capsules? 

    Producing tablets around the world and in Australia in particular is an extremely difficult task, which is why 99% of sellers/companies only offer capsules. 

    Keep in mind that to produce tablets requires a professionally equipped manufacturing process, while capsules can be made by hand in someones home. 

    So it is always important to verify how the product is being manufactured, where, and to what standards.   
    If you are not sure, then ask. As ingesting a product that has been made in someone kitchen or living room is not safe.


    TGA Disclaimer


    TGA Disclaimer

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